Saturday, August 22, 2015

5pm Exhibition Garden Tractor Pulls Grandstand

Sunday, August 23, 2015

9am – 9pm Jr. Fair Market Rabbit Check In & Weigh In Mansfield Bldg.
1pm – 5pm Jr. Fair Market & Non-Market Poultry Check In – Poster & Record Books Mansfield Bldg.

Monday, August 24, 2015

8am – 8pm Open Class pre-entered items are accepted and must be in place
12pm - 7pm Jr. Fair Market Swine Weigh In Swine Barn
3pm - 7pm Jr. Fair Market Lamb & Market Goat Weigh In Swine Barn
7pm Jr. Fair Market Steer Weigh In Hamilton Arena

Daily Entertainment August 25-30 All Week

Granpa Crachet
Ben Risney – X-Treme Art Sculptor – Chain Saw Carving Each Day on Equipment Row
Swifty the Clown

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8:30am Crowning of Horse Royalty Gazebo in the Park
9am Jr. Fair Rabbit Skill-A-Thon Awards Mansfield Bldg.
Horse Ring A-Ground Roping, Halter, Longe Line
9:30am Jr. Fair Rabbit Show Mansfield Bldg.
Jr Fair & Open Class Beef Breeding Show Hamilton Arena
10am Open Class Dairy Goat Show Open Rabbit Barn
11am Opening Day Ceremony
VFW #1055 Color Guard, Rootstown HS Band Crowning of the Jr. Fair King & Queen Main Gate & Entertainment Center
12:30pm Cloverbud Stick Horse Class Horse Ring
1pm Jr. Fair Market Goat Show & Showmanship Sheep & Swine Arena
Jr. Fair Cavy Skill-A-Thon Awards, Cavy Show, Showmanship (to follow Jr. Fair Rabbit Show) Mansfield Bldg.
Jr. Fair Horse Posters Horse Ring
1:30pm Jr. Fair Dairy Goat Show South Arena
Jr. Fair Horse Cloverbud Leadline Demonstration and Sen Class
2:30pm Jr. Fair Horse Driving Show Horse Ring
6pm Jr. Fair Market Steer Show Hamilton Arena
Waterloo High School Band Inside Main Gate
6:30pm Presentation of Horse Royalty & Awards Horse Ring
7pm Jr. Fair Horse Costume Horse Ring
7:30pm DEMOLITION DERBY Grandstand
Southern Overdrive Corner Stage

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8am Jr. Fair Dog Showmanship, and You & Your Dog Show Hamilton Arena
9am Jr. Fair Horse – Advanced Show Horse Ring
Open Class Rabbit Show Mansfield Bldg.
9:15am Jr. Fair Poultry Showmanship Mansfield Bldg.
10am Jr. Fair Market Hog Show Sheep/Swine Arena
Jr. Fair Pygmy Goat Show South Arena
11am Draft Horse Halter Show Draft Horse Ring
12-3pm Jr. Fair Non-Market Poultry Skill-a-thon Entertainment Center
2pm Draft Horse Driving Exhibition
5pm Jr. Fair Cat Show Mansfield Bldg.
6pm Open Dairy Show Hamilton Arena
6:30pm Jr. Fair Market Hog Auction Sheep/Swine Arena
Kick It Up Kloggers Entertainment Center
Jr. Fair Horse Advisor-Alumni Show Horse Ring
7:30pm DEMOLITION DERBY Grandstand
The Summit-Up Cloggers Entertainment Center
Drake Hollow Band Corner Stage
8pm Karaoke in the Park with WNIR Gazebo
8:30pm Rock N’ Country Cloggers Entertainment Center

Thursday, August 27, 2015

8:30am Mini Horse Show Draft Horse Ring
9am Jr. Fair Horse – Walk-Trot Show Horse Ring
9:30am Jr. Fair Sheep Shows – Market Lambs, County Bred & Owned, Showmanship & Jr. Fair Breeding Sheep Sheep/Swine Arena
10am-12 noon Jr. Fair Kid’s Day Activities (Up to 12 yrs Scavenger Hunt & Home Depot Kids Workshop Entertainment Center
11am Jr. Fair Dress-a-Goat Show South Arena
12pm Waterloo High Flyers By Dining Hall
1pm Little Squirts Tractor Races Maplewood Career Center (Bldg. on Freedom Drive)
1:30-4:30pm Jr. Fair Market Poultry Skill-a-thon Entertainment Center
2pm K-9 Demonstration Hamilton Arena
3pm Jr. Fair Small Animal Fun Show
5pm Jr. Fair Reptile Show and Showmanship Mansfield Bldg.
Jr. Fair Small Equine Show Horse Ring
6pm Jr. Fair Steer Showmanship Hamilton Arena
Southeast High School Band Inside Main Gate
7:30pm CONCERT – 7 BRIDGES Tribute to the Eagles Grandstand
8pm American Steal Band Corner Stage
Approx. 9pm Approx. Jr. Fair Board Country Teen Night (following Steer Show) Hamilton Arena

Friday, August 28, 2015

9am Jr. Fair Horse Novice Show Horse Ring
9:30am Jr. Fair Dairy Showmanship, Breed Show and 4-H Skill-A-thon Awards & Awards Program Hamilton Arena
10am Jr. Fair Market Hog Showmanship Sheep/Swine Arena
Draft Horse & Draft Pony Hitch Class Draft Horse Ring
Jr. Fair Small Animal Costume Show Mansfield Bldg.
11am Jr. Fair Goat Costume Contest South Arena
11:30am Jr. Fair Dog Costume Show Entertainment Center
12pm Senior Day Program – Introductions Entertainment Center
12:15pm Senior Day Entertainment – ELVIS Impersonator - Gary Shreve Entertainment Center
1:15pm Senior Day Prize Give-Away Entertainment Center
1:30pm Senior Fair King & Queen Crowning Ceremony Entertainment Center
2pm ELVIS Impersonator - Gary Shreve Entertainment Center
3pm Jr. Fair Pocket Pet Show and Showmanship to follow Mansfield Bldg.
Veteran’s Day Program Corner Stage
4pm ELVIS Impersonator - Gary Shreve Entertainment Center
Jr. Fair Lamb Grooming Contest followed by Dress A Lamb Contest Sheep/Swine Arena
6pm Jr. Fair Horse Contest Classic Horse Ring
6:30pm Sheep Shearing Contest South Arena
Visinata Band Entertainment Center
7:45pm Jr. Fair Battle of the Barns
8pm LaFlavour Corner Stage
Karaoke in the Park w/John “Couchburner” Denning of WNIR

Saturday, August 29, 2015

8am Jr. Fair Dog Agility Show Draft Horse Ring
9am Garden Tractor Pulls Grandstand
Jr. Fair Horse Intermediate Show Horse Ring
11am Jr. Fair Poultry “Premium” & Rabbit Auction Hamilton Arena
12pm Passion Church Corner Stage
1pm Draft Horse Fun Show Draft Horse Ring
Cloud Nine Dance Studio Entertainment Center
2pm Horse Pulling Contest - FREE Grandstand
Community Bible Church Band Corner Stage
3pm Jr. Fair Market Goat & Market Lamb Auction Hamilton Arena
3:30pm Ben Risney – Auction of all Wood Carvings Implement Row
5pm Jr. Fair Steer Auction Hamilton Arena
Jr. Fair Horse Versatility Class Horse Ring
Jr. Fair Board Kiss-a-Cow Hamilton Arena
7:30pm Circulator’s Square Dance Club Entertainment Center
8pm Straight On - A Tribute to the Music of Heart Corner Stage

Sunday, August 30, 2015

9am Church Services - Father Jim Lang Entertainment Center
Matin/Sing Along Service Horse Rings Grandstand
10am Jr. Fair Rabbit Showmanship Mansfield Bldg.
Jr. Fair Horse – Fun Show Horse Ring
11am 4-H Baking Contest entries accepted Entertainment Center
12pm 4-H Baking Judging Entertainment Center
12:30pm Dress-a-Cow Hamilton Arena
1:30pm Cheese Auction Hamilton Arena
2pm 4-H Bake Sale & Auction Entertainment Center
Jr. Fair Human Rooster Crowing Contest Mansfield Bldg.
3pm Small Animal Cloverbud Show
3:30pm ROUGH TRUCK CONTEST Grandstand
4:30pm MADI LEE Corner Stage
Buckeye Dance Steps Entertainment Center
5pm Market Animals not on display after 5pm
8pm All Livestock, Projects, and Displays Released
All entries not picked up on Sunday after 8:00pm can be picked up in department areas until 12:00/Noon and from Noon until 2:00pm at the Fair Office.

All Jr. Fair Poultry and Bird shows are subject to change. The Randolph Fair Board reserves the right to change events or times listed when due to conditions beyond their control.