Rental Information


Buildings available for rental at the Randolph Fairgrounds:

Contact person is Diane Wise, Secretary (330) 325-7476 during office hours

  • H-Building (Entertainment Center & Ray Beech Hall) 2 – 40’ X 100’
    With center 20’ X 40’ between each side
  • Office in H-Building alone
  • Merchants Building 450' x 40'
  • Portage County Farm Bureau Ag Building 78' X 38'
  • Goat Building 200' x 40' Main/East Section
    70' x 40' West Section
  • Hamilton Arena (Dirt Floor) 140' x 80'
  • Mansfield Building (Small Animals) 120' x 120'
  • Dining Hall 40' x 80'
  • Hubbard Building 139' x 80'
  • Pavilions - one by Dining Hall and one by Horse Rings
  • 2 Horse Rings with covered grandstands
  • Horse Barns with 259 stalls
  • Sheep, Hog, & Cattle Barns
  • Track & Grandstand

Rental Storage Procedure

Take-Out Day for 2016-2017 Rental is Saturday, April 8th from 8am to 3pm

FOOTAGE FOR THE 2017-2018 SEASON WILL BE $10.00 PER FOOT (plus a one-time tax payment)

Dates for 2017 Take-In are:

  • Saturday, October 28th – 8am to 3pm – First Come, First Served
  • After October 28th – by appointment only IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE

$50.00 early out fee (Must be pre-arranged - stated when coming in)

Take-in Procedure:

  • Any damage to vehicle must be reported when coming in and before you leave the fairgrounds
  • Batteries must be disconnected from all Motor vehicles, but left in vehicle
  • Keys will be left at main office

Take-Out day is Saturday, April 7th, 2018 from 8am to 3pm.
After April 7th, take out will be Monday through Friday only during normal office hours.

Take-Out Procedure:

  • Key boxes will be put in buildings for take-out day. You can go directly to the building your vehicle is in.
  • All vehicles must be checked out at the gate when leaving. This will be verified by showing the owners contract they received when putting the vehicle in storage.

For any questions, call 330-325-7476.

$50.00 per day for each Concession on grounds.
$25.00 per day for electric hookup.

Main Fair Office is not available for rental at any time.

Insurance Requirements will be shared when you contact Fair Office for Dates
Also available for rent with rental: chairs, tables, stage

Rental Information