Rental Information

Buildings available for rental at the Randolph Fairgrounds:

  • H-Building (Entertainment Center) 2- 40' x 100'
    (Center 20' x 40'  1/2 of building)
  • Office in H-Building alone
  • Merchants Building 450' x 40'
  • Ag. Building 64' x 40'
  • Goat Building 200' x 40'
  • Dining Hall 40' x 80'
  • Arena (Dirt Floor) 140' x 80'
  • Vegetable / 4-H Building 132' x 80'
  • Small Animal Building 120' x 120'
  • Dog Barn 70' x 40'
  • Track (depends on event and electrical usage)
    Each event will come before the board.

Rental Storage Procedure

FOOTAGE FOR THE 2013-2014 SEASON WILL BE $10.00 PER FOOT plus a one time tax payment
Dates for 2013 take in will be October 26th and Nov 2nd. Start at 8am to 3pm
$50.00 early out fee (Must be pre-arranged - stated when coming in)

Schedule for 2013-2014 is as follows: Vehicles coming in after the take in dates, will be done by appointment only.

  • Any damage is vehicle must be reported when coming in and before you leave the fairgrounds
  • Batteries must be disconnected from all Motor vehicles
  • Keys will be left at main office
  • All vehicles must be checked out at the gate when leaving. This will be verified by showing the owners contract they received when putting the vehicle in storage.
  • Key boxes will be put in buildings for take out day. You can go directly to the building your vehicle is in.

Take out day will be April 12th, 2014 from 8am to 3pm. After April 12th, take out day will be Monday through Friday only.

For any questions, call 330-325-7476.

$50.00 per day for each Concession on grounds.
$25.00 per day for electric hookup.

Main office is not available for rental.

Insurance required: $1,000,000 - one person, death or injury
$1,000,000 - two persons, death or injury
$1,000,000  - property damage
Depending on type of event

Rental Information