2022 Portage County Randolph Fair - August 23rd - 28th

2022 Randolph Fair Camping

It's time to reserve your camping spot for this year's fair!

Reservation forms may be submitted beginning Friday, June 17 at the fair office. No reservations forms accepted after JULY 18 (No exceptions).

Reservations on a First Come, First Serve basis to Randolph Fair 4-H and Open Exhibitors.

Please note each family must reserve their own camping spot.

Campsite Charges: Total length of camper is from hitch to bumper – please measure accurately.

➢ 24 foot and over (must have double space), $250.00 includes electric and 2 season passes. Limited spots available against North fence - approximately 14’ x 43’ **OR** 2 regular spots (to be determined by camping superintendent when laying out the campground

➢ Up to and including 23 feet, $125.00 includes electric and 1 season pass Regular Spot (approximately 14’ x 25’)

Click on the lists below for further information.

2022 Randolph Fair Camping Reservations/Regulations

2022 Camping Roster

2022 Merchants Applications

It's that time of year! If you are interested in participating in the 2022 Randolph Fair as a vendor, please click on the links below or go to our Merchants page for more information!

If you are a returning vendor, check your mail! Our Merchants department is sending out contracts the week of March 7th. They must be returned by April 14th.

Merchant Application for consideration 2022

Merchant Rules Regulations 2022

2022 Fair Book Advertising

It's a little later than usual but we are moving forward with our annual fair book – it’s just going to be a little bit different this year. We are in the process of implementing a new online fair entry system. Instead of one big book, we will be creating a Senior Fair book and a Junior Fair book. This is still a great opportunity to get your company name out and help support the Portage County Randolph Fair.

Click here for more information!

2022 Fair Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a fair sponsor today! We have many opportunities to get you name or your company name out there

  • Sponsor of the Day
  • Event Sponsor
  • Grandstand Sponsor
  • Picnic Table Sponsor
  • Bench Sponsor
  • Hamilton Arena or Livestock Complex Arena Sponsor
  • Golf Cart Sponsor

Click on this link for more information or go to the Sponsors page on this website!!

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