Portage County Randolph Fair

Junior Fair

Junior Fair Entry Information

Jr. Fair Entries will be required for all Beef, all Dairy, all Dogs, all Goats, all Sheep, all Small Animals, and all Swine. Jr. Fair Entries will be made online at PCRandolphJrFair.FairEntry.com. The website will require each member’s Social Security #, which is specifically encrypted within the secure website. The SS# is required for everyone but will only be used for market exhibitors. (PLEASE NOTE: for 2023, the Horse projects are not included). 2023 Junior Fair Division

Junior Fair/4-H Entry

Forms to Download

2023 JFB Application

2023 JFB Membership and General Information

2023 JFB Recommendation Form

2023 Jr Fair King & Queen Contest Application

2023 Market Livestock Sale Exhibitor Scholarship Application

Suspension of Participation Rule

2023 Tampering Exhibition Rules

Sheep and Goat Exhibition Requirements