Portage County Randolph Fair

Brick Lettering Tribute

The Portage County Randolph Fair Presents a Unique Opportunity For All!

Help us leave a permanent reminder of the support that you, your business, or perhaps your family member who has passed, had for the Portage County Randolph Fair. Maybe they loved the fair and when you're at the fair it brings back wonderful memories. You can become a part of a permanent reminder with a piece of our new brick walk way. Buy one brick or as many as you want. You can put names, dates, or phrases (under the discretion of the board) on the bricks. The walk way will be constructed in the gazebo area.

Let's get started. Its Easy. Simply decide how many brick you would like to purchase at $50 each. Complete the form below with the information you would like displayed on your brick(s). Suggestions include your name, name of your company, in memory of a special person, etc. Return the form and a check to the Randolph Fair. For more information call (330)-325-7476

The allotted Space allows 14 characters to be used including letters, numbers, and spaces. Punctuation is not recommended, except for slashes or dashes for dates, since the punctuation would use one of the character spaces. Up to three lines of type are available for use. If only one line is needed, please fill Line 1 for single bricks. Likewise, for bricks where two lines are needed, please fill in Line 1 and 2 respectively. All capital letters will be used.

Mail To: Randolph Fair, P.O. Box 213, Randolph, Ohio 44265