Rental Info

Buildings Available For Rent

  • H-Building
    (Entertainment Center & Ray Beech Hall) 2 – 40’ X 100’ With center 20’ X 40’ between each side
  • Office in H-Building alone
  • Merchants Building 450' x 40'
  • Portage County Farm Bureau Ag Building 78' X 38'
  • Goat Building
    200' x 40' Main/East Section 70' x 40' West Section
  • Hamilton Arena (Dirt Floor) 140' x 80'
  • Mansfield Building (Small Animals) 120' x 120'
  • Dining Hall 40' x 80'
  • Hubbard Building 139' x 80'
  • Pavilions - one by Dining Hall and one by Horse Rings
  • 2 Horse Rings with covered grandstands
  • Horse Barns with 259 stalls
  • Sheep, Hog, & Cattle Barns
  • Track & Grandstand

Rental Storage Information

2019-2020 Footage

  • $12.00 / per foot with a $200 minimum, plus tax

2019 Take-In Dates

  • Saturday, October 26th (8am to 3pm – First Come, First Served)
  • After October 31st (by appointment only IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE)

Take-In Procedure

  • Any damage to vehicle must be reported when coming in and before you leave the fairgrounds
  • Batteries must be disconnected from all Motor vehicles, but left in vehicle
  • Keys will be left at main office

Early Out Fee $50

  • Must be pre-arranged - stated when coming in

2020 Take-Out Day

  • Saturday, April 18th, 2020 from 8am to 3pm
  • After April 18th, take out will be Monday through Friday only during normal office hours.

Take-Out Procedure

  • Key boxes will be put in buildings for take-out day. You can go directly to the building your vehicle is in.
  • All vehicles must be checked out at the gate when leaving. This will be verified by showing the owners contract they received when putting the vehicle in storage.

Other Fees & Rules

Concession Fee $50 each, per day
Electric Hookup $25 per day
  • Main Fair Office is not available for rental at any time.
  • Insurance Requirements will be shared when you contact Fair Office for Dates.
  • Also available for rent with rental: chairs, tables, stage.
  • For any questions, call Diane @ 330-325-7476.
  • Grounds Building Rental Storage