Portage County Randolph Fair

Section A

BB Birch Beer/Pretzels
Billy Bob Slushes
Bunts Cotton Candy/Candy and Caramel Apples
Chuck's Elephant Ears
DiRusso's Sausage

Festival Cafe- Potato Boats/ Chips
Foegen Steak-on-a-stick
Gentille/Top Shelf Sandwich
Lion's Club/ Mixed Menu
PJ's Dippin' Dots
Ramsey Pizza
Small Animal Concessions
Snobody Shaved Ice
Tex's Lemonade shake
Waterloo Athletic Booster/ mixed menu

Section B

Brad's Chicken
Brad's Sausage and Ribeye Steak
Dining Hall - Mixed menu
Linn's Gyro
Linn's Lemonade
Rimedio Bakery
Saigon Pearl Chinese food
Twaddle Fried Cheese
Walter's Sandwich
Waterloo youth baseball & softball/ mixed menu

Section C

Section D